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Steve Kerr has different memories of the battle with Michael Jordan.

the6man May 30

Photo: Nathaniel Butler / NBAE, via Getty Images

The infamous scuffle between Steve Kerr and Michael Jordan-mainly the punch of the former Chicago Bulls star against Kerr-is the most popular in Jordan ’s tempting off-site story One of the welcome tidbits. So there is actually no way to completely exclude it from the ten recently completed documentaries Last dance.

In Jordan’s game, he was unhappy with head coach Phil Jackson because he praised the “foul” before the 1995/96 season and eventually faced Cole.

Jordan recalled: “I’m angry because if you protect this guy, it won’t help us play in New York.” “When we join these teams, it won’t help us. They are very strong . “

Photo: Getty Images

However, according to Kerr, Jackson was not even present when the failure occurred.

“My memory is different from what Michael described on the show,” Cole said on the TV show Green light Friday Podcast (H / T Clutch point).

“My memory is that when we spelled the game, Phil had gone upstairs to his office because he had to call from a phone like the League, that was the time we entered. So, Phil came down to see what happened What. I remember him coming to me, he said: “You have to clean it up. “Then I went on,” My eyes or my relationship with Michael? “

Steve Kerr is not the first to doubt one of MJ’s memories. Horace Grant recently claimed that Jordan lied completely when reporting on reporters Sam Smith thinks the pizza / food poisoning story is “fictional”” this week.

Ultimately, Jordan’s idea is the real factor to be considered. Fans hardly care what other people say.

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