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Steve Kerr revealed: Thibodeau is very helpful to us

the6man Aug 02

Photo: “USA Today”

Tom Thibodeau Visited the new Golden State Practice Center in February. The Warriors just replaced the young Minnesota conundrum Andrew Wiggins.

Considering that Thibodeau was expelled by the Timberland Wolves last year, probably because of his lack of close prospects with young Wolves like Wiggins, he seems to be the last to give Warriors coach Steve Kerr advice on how to train for the number 1. People. Choose 2014.

in contrast. Wiggins had previously told Kerr that he liked to play for Thibodeau, interrupted his story, and this part erased his unpopular reputation.

“We just exchanged Andrew Wiggins, which is really useful,” Kerr told postal During a telephone interview from his home in San Diego on Saturday. “I had a long conversation with Thibodeau about Andrew. He gave me great advice on how to connect with Andrew, how much he likes to train him and why. We have known each other over the years. Thibodeau is right. We are very helpful”.

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