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Steven Adams of Oklahoma State University on “bubble” life: “Let us be clear, man, this is not Syria”

the6man Jul 21

Steven Adams
Photo: Brad Rempel-USA Today Sports

Steven Adams shared his positive views at a media conference in Orlando, talking about life in a “bubble”.

FOX23 News Sports reporter talked to Adams about living in a bubble with everyone, Adams did not hesitate.

“Great,” Adams said SB nation. “Let’s make it clear, teammate. My partner, this is not Syria. It’s not that difficult, and it’s not that difficult. We live in a bloody resort. Everyone complains, everyone has their own preferences, but it’s nothing too serious. of.”

“There is dry food there. You will get bored from time to time, but it’s all good, man. You can meet other players from other teams, so it’s great.” Adams continued.

The Thunder will play the Utah Jazz in their first game in Orlando on August 1. The best record in the Western Conference in the first game is 5th (40-27).

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