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Storm veterans are cautious and starving

the6man Jul 12

Jewell Loyd, the defender of Canada’s Jordin, during the stormy practice match on Saturday evening. Photo courtesy of Seattle Storm.

In the first two days of training camp, the Seattle Storm had got rid of the lack of game time.

Since they won the WNBA championship together in September 2018, this veteran core group participated in the game for the first time in Friday’s opening ceremony. But interim coach Gary Kloppenberg said that everyone could participate in the game soon.

He said: “We are working hard to get us back to our previous knowledge and move on.” “What we did yesterday was perfect and we can go back to what we like to do.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and injury, this is also the first time that athletes have been exposed to 4 to 15 months. All-Star veteran point guard Sue Bird admits this is “weird.”

Last winter, due to the prevalence of coronaviruses overseas, the International Basketball League was closed, and American athletes returned home in March, just like giving the order to “stay at home” here. Athletes were relegated to work for home exercise and basketball skills.

Others-2018 League Most Valuable Players Breanna Stewart, Bird, and emerging star Jordan – Canada have been out for longer.

Stewart tore her Achilles tendon muscles before the 2019 season, and Bird underwent knee surgery in May, which made her go out for a full year. Canada flexed its knees after the end of the season and retrained from October to February. The epidemic broke out when she was ready to go abroad to play again.

All three of them feel great and are eager to participate in the competition this year.

Stewart said after practice on Saturday: “Since storm fans have seen me for a while, I’m happy to be back.” “I feel great and feel like I’m in the best state of my career.”

Canada is already in its third season and has been playing basketball since she was seven years old, and said that she has not had so much rest since she started the game.

Canada said: “I started doing a lot of home exercises (during the lock-up period)… I was able to come to Seattle for a week and then come here again, and I got some basketball work.” “So far, everything I have done is very suitable for me Because I need as much rest as possible during this time.”

“My body feels refreshing. I feel good. So now I want to make sure that I am spending time…and don’t try to increase the speed and reach 100.”

After the second day, the team huddled together and ended the practice. Photo courtesy of Seattle Storm.
After the second day, the team huddled together and ended the practice. Photo courtesy of Seattle Storm.

Kloppenberg’s focus on the entire team is similar because he prefers to relieve stress and prevent injuries.

He said: “If you have a good breed, you need to take her out first, and then take her to the Kentucky Derby.”

But Kloppenberg admitted that the storm’s enthusiasm and acuity might overshadow his vigilance.

He said of the first game: “The players are preparing to go further than we are doing.” “We have some new works, but we have a senior core who can understand their systems from offense and defense. So , My job is not to over-direct them, and make sure we audit and make sure we are sharp at both ends of the floor.”

Also returning are veterans Alysha Clark, Natasha Howard and Jewell Loyd, and veteran Crystal Langhorne , Sharpshooter Sami Whitcomb (Sami Whitcomb) and center Mercedes Russell (Mercedes Russell). With Canada succeeding Bird and Russell to fill the point guard position for Stewart, Seattle defeated the odds in 2019 and entered the playoffs.

This year, they will play 22 games, starting on July 25th, including Epiphanny Prince, Morgan Tuck and Australian rookie rookie Ezi Magbegor.

Bird said that Storm’s collective experience and years of team continuity are an advantage.

She said: “If we compare our lineup with any lineup in the league, we may get an opportunity to attract so many players.” “Our bench player this year is the starting player last year.”

Bird admits that she and Stuart may be at a disadvantage because of long absences. But Kloppenberg said that other people are likely to slack off.

He said: “With this team, you can add some (schemes) for them because they are very smart.”

Epiphanny Prince drives on Jewell Loyd. Photo courtesy of Seattle Storm.
Epiphanny Prince drives on Jewell Loyd. Photo courtesy of Seattle Storm.

Canada stepped up to fuel Bird’s shoes last season, reaching a level of 9.8 points and 5.2 assists per game. Bird believes that this situation will continue until this year.

Bird said: “It started to increase her confidence, which is very good.” “Confidence may be the most important thing in this league, I look forward to playing with her again.”

Kloppenberg said that Canada may soon become a bench.

He said: “I hope to play with Su.” “Prosecution is very dangerous, we can’t use her… scoring ability. Maybe give her a break and let her go to the screen, because she will also cause a lot of hurt.”

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