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Tammy Abraham from London Chelsea takes tips from Michael Jordan

the6man May 16

Photo via republicworld.com

The last dance documentary about Michael Jordan and the all-conquering Chicago Bulls team of the 90s inspired London striker Tammy Abraham (22) dailymail.co.uk::

“It is incredible,” says Abraham. “Seeing that motivates me and I noticed one thing. Michael Jordan lost a game and wondered what someone said to him.”

“That person didn’t really say it, but he used it to go into the next game and get him to be the best.”

“The incident happened against Liverpool, where I missed a sentence and received a lot of abuse. It is just like it was for Michael Jordan to come out and prove that they are wrong.” It’s about being in this club, being the main actor, being the striker. “

Tammy Abraham’s all 20 goals and assists for 2019/20:

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