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The Bucks’ Sterling Brown sees the court as a platform for him to bring about change

the6man Jun 19

Sterling Brown of the Milwaukee Bucks has personally experienced police violence and believes the court is the best platform for players to truly change their communities.

In his rookie season, brown Milwaukee police hitchhiked outside the Walgreens because of parking violations.

Several officers were summoned to the scene, fell Brown to the ground, and killed him before he was finally released.

The second-year guard filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department, and later rejected the $400,000 settlement agreement proposed by the Milwaukee City Council.

The Black Wright movement and responding to police brutality and systematic racism are key issues for Brown and the entire NBA.

But Brown told ESPN’s Eric Woodyard that he believes the player’s most helpful option is to use his biggest assets.

“When we are in Orlando, a lot of eyes will be on us. People can actually see us, and we can see the information we can convey during the game or halftime, before the game or at any other time. There are many ways Can post key information, I think I want to take advantage of this. We have a unique platform. We have unparalleled resources… It is very important for me to continue playing games using my platform, because my platform has given me A voice that allows people to follow me and see me, and it makes people more passionate. The ongoing movement.”

Brown is not a member of the NBA Players League, he said he disagrees with players who want to play, but he thinks he can More effective Use the NBA platform.

Brown said: “But personally, I think this is an opportunity to use our more platforms and resources to continue to increase visibility and shine.” “It’s all for bigger reasons. We must focus on So. It’s not time for us to split, because some people want to sit outside, some want to play.”

Brown and the Bucks will travel to Disney’s ESPN Sports World next month, and will begin the game on July 30.

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This post is written by Bonny Johnson


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