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The Clippers again avoided the 2-0 hole against the favored Suns in Game 2.

the6man Jun 23

The Clippers once again found themselves struggling to avoid falling behind 2-0 in the third consecutive game.

After losing the first game scored by Devin Booker, Los Angeles is currently at a disadvantage in the second game against Phoenix on Tuesday night. His first triple-double.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Jared Quay and BetMGM, the Suns’ favorite is -4.5.

The Clippers made some amazing reversals in this postseason, including two consecutive 2-0 holes; first against Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks and winning in seven games, then against Donovan Mitchell and Donovan in six games. Utah Jazz.

But in these playoffs, the Suns behaved like a team with a mission.

After defeating defending champion Lakers and MVP Nikola Jokic and his Denver Nuggets, Phoenix was confident and got a rest.

Although their field general Chris Paul is absent, they have maintained the same high-octane offense so far in this series.

After defeating Utah in the first game, the Clippers quickly reversed in a day and a half and should be better prepared for the second game.

The task at hand is the most difficult task in Los Angeles so far, as the Suns have a record of 18-2 in the last 20 home games.

The two losses were the second game against the Lakers in the first round, and the loss to the San Antonio Spurs on April 17.

Since mid-March, the Suns have been almost unmatched at home.

Both teams will continue to miss their two most important players, Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul.

Paul is still in the COVID agreement, but is expected to recover soon. Leonard is treating his sprained knee in Los Angeles.

The second game of the Western Conference Finals might Proof is the key As always, the Los Angeles Clippers tried to finally break through the West and enter the first NBA Finals in franchise history.

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