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The Clippers’ lack of bigs against the Lakers

the6man Jul 30

Lou Willams and Montrez Harrell

The Los Angeles Clippers will lose some key players in Thursday’s opener against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell have been excluded and Patrick Beverley is optimistically classified as problematic.

Williams is undergoing a ten-day quarantine because he visited a strip club without attending the family funeral for no reason.

Harrell has been out of the bubble for more than a week, he tends to deal with family affairs, and whether or when he will return is still unknown.

Due to a family emergency, Beverley has also left, but has since returned.

Beverly’s four-day quarantine will end sometime on Thursday, but it is unlikely to be ruled eligible for the competition.

Williams, Harrell and Beverley contributed an average of 46 of the Clippers’ 116 points per game.

Even if Beverley can play, the Clippers will be at a serious disadvantage.

The Denver Nuggets, ranked third, have only 1.5GB of the Clippers and can easily pick their seeds before the playoffs.

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This post is written by Chris Heckmann


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