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The former Lakers player talks about Kobe Bryants last season in the NBA

the6man May 17

Photo: Deadline.com

Ryan Kelly was a young role player during Kobe Bryant’s “farewell tour” in 2016. The ex-Laker noted that Bryant had a different approach last season that helped Kelly and his young teammates.

“He was a bit softer,” said Kelly Bill Oram from The Athletic in a recent interview Per SB Nation. Kelly was the last player to ever replace the Lakers legend on an NBA pitch. This was the end of an era for one of the greatest superstars the league has ever seen.

“Not that he would ever accept defeat,” said Kelly, “but he was more willing to help the youngsters stay in the back seat at the end of the games.” From this point of view, I think that you would see a real teacher of the game and certainly: “This is a year that is a lot about me”, but also about a lot of young people. “

His commitment to changing his approach from a “student” to a game teacher was evident after his retirement.

He helped many WNBA players while hiring as a coach for his daughter Gianna’s team. Unfortunately, we’ve seen few things at Kobe Bryant that are dedicated to basketball in a completely different role than before, but his legacy will still be the most important “title” of his career.

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