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The league led by Kyrie Irving is waiting for the NBA’s black career plan

the6man Jun 19

The NBA Player League, led by Kyrie Irving and Avery Bradley, is eager to understand the league’s plans for black causes before the league resumes.

Irving was particularly vocal in his recently changed beliefs. He believes that the game should not be played at such a critical moment in history.

Dwight Howard has previously responded to similar views.

At the same time, Bradley clarified his thoughts.

Bradley told ESPN: “No matter how many media reports will be accepted, it is not enough to talk about and raise awareness of social injustice.”

“Are we self-centered and believe that no one in the world knows racism now? As athletes, do we solve practical problems by using platforms to speak?

“We don’t need to say more. We need to find a way to achieve more goals. It’s nice to wear a T-shirt when protesting during the national anthem, but we need to see the actual movements in progress.”

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