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The Los Angeles Clippers won the NBA Draft Lottery that day in 2009 and selected Blake Griffin based on the selection

the6man May 20

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The Los Angeles Clippers won the NBA Draft Lottery 11 years ago and were hoping for better luck with their choice than after winning the 1998 NBA Draft Lottery.

In 1998 they used the first overall for Michael Olowokandi, a center of the University of Pacific. The team had high hopes for him, but he struggled with efficiency and free-throw percentage in the NBA and was not dominant in any aspect of the game. He spent five seasons with the Clippers and nine in the NBA, but never lived up to the hype of a top draft pick.

In 2009, the clippers selected Blake Griffin, a power forward from Oklahoma. After being out of season for a knee injury, Griffin became Rookie of the Year and became a star player.

He was known for his electrifying dunks and helped make the Clippers a playoff contender. Unfortunately, despite Griffin, Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan, they never had much success in the playoffs. After eight seasons and no NBA final games, Griffin was exchanged for the Detroit Pistons.

Ironically, the clippers may have their best title shot this season, though they haven’t drafted any of their best players, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

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