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The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the arrest of New Orleans Pelican Jaxon Hayes

the6man Aug 04

The Los Angeles Police Department launched an investigation into the matter arrest New Orleans Pelicans Jaxon Hayes may use excessive force.

A sort of 36 seconds mobile video fromTMZ shows Hayes and three police officers on the ground.

The friend who took the video on the phone can be heard saying: “Stop. Hurry up and remove your hand from him. I saw him choking,” just before Hayes was tapped on the chest.

After a while, several police officers arrived at the scene and the video ended.

Police Chief Michel Moore announced on Tuesday that a clear investigation of the use of force in Hayes’ case is under way, which involves “the use of force to detain the suspect and the possibility of applying force to the suspect’s neck.”

The police arrived at Hayes’ home shortly before 3 am on July 28 in response to family harassment calls.

According to a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department:

The officer came into contact with a man in the front yard of the residence, who was later identified as 21-year-old Jaxson Hayes. It was later determined that Hayes was (a) a professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association. The police officer informed Hayes that they had received a call at the scene and needed to talk to the victim, but asked Hayes to stay outside while they did.

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