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The Mavericks called the sexual assault allegations “one-sided and rude”

the6man Jul 30

The Dallas Mavericks categorically denied allegations of sexual assault against Tony Ronzone, the head of player personnel, and called it “disrespectful.”

The allegations were exposed at the beginning Sports Illustrated In the story, it was revealed that a woman accused Ronzone, 55, of forcing herself in a hotel room in Las Vegas during the 2019 NBA Summer League game.

In the report, Ronzone was accused of having “[thrown] Put her on the bed hard and then [to have] Straddle her [before] Pin her body to the bed.”

Continuing, Ronzone was also accused of putting her hand on his pants and kissing her forcibly. Before, according to Sports Illustrated, “he finally relaxed. In her words, she “escaped the room”. .

However, the Mavericks denied this accusation. statement Posted yesterday, saying they were “shocked Sports Illustrated A story is reported, knowing that the Mavericks did not provide all the alleged evidence. “

The statement then continued to criticize Sports Illustrated for reporting on this issue. He said: “This unilateral, incomplete and sensational news form not only has multiple errors, characteristic errors and omissions, but also attempts to damage the news. The interests of the workers. The reputation of the defendant, but it evacuated so many men and women in the Mavericks organization and the past of some people who no longer work in Mavericks.”

The team’s statement continues to emphasize the above-mentioned “inaccuracy” that they said, including:

  • The request in the original email sent by the alleged victim to the Mavericks organization was about raising funds for its overseas camps, but Mavericks could not ignore the sexual assault subject line and related information in the email.
  • The Mavericks organization has repeatedly encouraged the accused victim to submit a police report, but she chose not to.
  • The alleged victim went on to say that others (other than Mavericks) had promised things like her in the past, but they never materialized it.
  • The accused victim has many opportunities to provide more information to the Mavericks organization during the investigation, during and after the legal process. At the request of the suspected victim, the last chance was in March 2020. During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Senior Vice President HR flew to a location chosen by the victim to meet with the victim. These statements were never provided, only larger funding requests were made.
  • The victim stated that she hoped that “big and life-changing” things would have an increasing demand for money throughout the process.
  • Whenever Mavericks talk to her, her story about sexual harassment changes. SI Provides detailed information about the changes that occurred in the story.
  • SI The key communication between the accused victim and the accused plaintiff, including several text messages, was omitted.

The statement clearly stated that the Mavericks received full support and cooperation through the investigation. In its words, “It lasted 6 months and involved 3 experienced investigators. [senior vice president of human relations] Fly to Las Vegas to get promised information that was never provided. “

Ronzone’s lawyer, Mark Ba​​ute, told Sports Illustrated that the woman’s story was “unreasonable” and finally said: “If there is a lawsuit, [was] Mentioned before [they looked] Hope to prove the innocence of Mr. Ronzone. “

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This post is written by Nick Kelland


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