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The most embarrassing and disgraceful NBA record ever

the6man Jun 12

Most of us associate sports records with glorious moments, such as Usain Bolt breaking the 100-meter record and the Golden State Warriors winning 71-9, or This guy removed 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Although such records have a certain reputation, those who set them up should forget them.

The NBA is full of embarrassing and disgraceful records, and without doing anything, here is the worst case:

The most conceded in the game

23 – Andre Drummond (2015-16)

If you think watching the Rockets game is terrible, you can imagine watching their iso game on the one hand, and Andre Drummond (Andre Drummond) missed endless free throws on the other hand.

Andre Drummond

When Detroit played against Houston in January 2016, Drummond was deliberately fouled 21 times, which was ridiculous.

In the end, it turned out that the “angry one Lamond” tactic would not help both sides-Drummond couldn’t beat more than 13 of his 36 attempts, and the Rockets couldn’t win the game.

Most goals missing in the game

42 – Joe Fox (1947-1948)

Joe Fulks hadn’t even spoken before shooting his own shot more than 70 years ago.

On a record-breaking night, Volks missed 42 of 55 field goal attempts.

His Philadelphia Warriors are crushing Providence’s road rollers, and considering that before the advent of the load management era, the two-time All-Stars were wary of the wind and just continued to shoot.

It is worth mentioning that in those days, such shooting data is not uncommon.

Fulks also had nights, he played 4-31, 6-38, 5-31, 7-36, 7-40 and 8-46.

Up to three points lost in the game

16 – DAMON STOUDEMIRE and JAMES HARDEN (2004-05, 2017-18, 2018-19)

Most players hesitated after missing a series of shots, but James Harden’s brain seemed to be missing.

Harden missed a record 16 three-pointers in a game Six occasion.

During that time, Orlando lost to Orlando, which is an incredible 1-17 three-point shooting, although Harden still had 38 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds (classic Harden) at that time. Ended the game.

The only player who missed three consecutive championships in the game was Damon Stoudemire, who made a mistake when playing for the Portland Trail Blazers in 2005.

It was a particularly wild feat in 2005, when the whole team Attempt An average of 16 three-pointers per game.

Most missed free throws in games not done

11-SHAQUILLE O’NEAL (2000-01)

Oh my god, if your stomach is upset, please avoid widening your eyes.

Missing most goals A game of no achievement

17-TIM HARDAWAY SR. (1991-92)

The certified All-Star Tim Hardaway flew 0-17 from a field battle one night in 1991, which proved that the best of us had a cold war.

There are hardly three cents in the game

12-Brook Lopez (2018-19)

Sometimes this is not your night.

Brook Lopez can certainly prove this. Last season, he shot 0-12 from the field against the Suns.

Just to spread salt on Lopez’s wound, the Bucks lost two.

The most turnover free throws in the game

13-Chris Dudley (1989-90)

Chris Dudley This nasty Shaq poster painterHe is a notorious and unreliable free thrower. On April 14, 1990, he made 13 free throws in a straight line.

Since then, Dudley ranked second in free throw percentage and became the second worst free thrower.

The worst free throw percentage in the game (team)

18%-Detroit Pistons (2016-17)

How is your evening?

Andre Drummond not only made a 1-10 shot against the Pelicans on March 1, 2007, but also contributed to the Pistons’ record-breaking 18% free throw percentage. And was expelled from the field.

The worst target ball hit rate in the game (Team) & Minimum score

23.4%-Chicago Bulls (1998-99)

49 points-Chicago Bulls (1998-99)

The game with the lowest score ever was the 1918 victory of the Fort Wayne Pistons to the Minneapolis Lakers 19-18.

But this was (a) a long time ago, and (b) was cooked very well, so we changed this parameter to the three-dot chain era (after 1979-80).

1999 was a difficult year for Chicago.

At that time, no one struggled harder than the Bulls. The Bulls lost 33 points to the Heat in the first season without Michael Jordan, setting a record low of 49 points.

That night the Bulls shot 18-77 from the field, including 0-9 3-pointers, which also set the worst modern record for a single field goal at 23.4%.

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A few years later, the Spurs shot 23.9% against Toronto in February 2002, an incredible close to breaking this record.

Incredibly, this is still enough to force the Raptors to work overtime, and the Raptors have a shooting percentage of 33%.

Toronto finally won by 6, with a scoreboard showing 80-74 in a 53-minute painful basketball game.

There are hardly three cents in the game (team)

22-Denver Snacks (2012-13)

The 2012-13 Denver Nuggets have the ability to immediately become hot, and often so.

The most memorable is that JR Smith (JR Smith) averaged 11 three-pointers per game, and Ty Lawson (Ty Lawson) once had 10 consecutive three-pointers, which is the NBA record so far.

But on a particularly memorable night, this Denver squad turned into a cold place.

When the Nuggets played against the Trail Blazers in December 2012, they missed the game All 22 Their three points to try.

Their only eighth difference is a marginal miracle.

Career free throw percentage

41.4% – Ben Wallace

There is no doubt that Ben Wallace is one of the greatest defenders of all time, but putting the ball on the rim has never been his specialty, especially when he stands behind the free throw line.

Wallace’s best performance in the charity season, his shooting rate reached 49%, while in the worst season, his shooting rate was only 30%.

Career minimum goal percentage

27.2% – John McCann

John Mahnken is the worst goal scorer of all time. In his career from 1946 to 1953, he completed only 27.2% of 3557 field goal attempts.

Marcus Smart (Marcus Smart) is the worst shooting scorer among today’s players, and is currently the only one of the top 100 worst shooting scorers in history, with a hit rate of 37.4%.

Career three-point percentage

26.6% – Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley said that no matter what he wants to do, there is no need to think twice. During the period of the game, he adopted a similar shooting method.

Although the lack of thinking ability will bring many benefits, but this mentality has also consolidated Barkley’s position in the history book, becoming the worst three-point shooter in history (at least among the players who have tried this number).

Barkley made 26.6% of his three-pointers throughout his career, making him the only player to shoot more than 2,000 three-pointers at a rate of less than 30%.

Lack of the most feasible field goal (team)

24-Oklahoma City Thunder (2016-17)

You may not be surprised to learn that Russell Westbrook is heavily involved in this special crime against basketball.

Up to three consecutive errors (team)

27-Houston Rockets (2017-18)

For a long time, Houston has been dying of three goals. In the seventh game of the 2018 Western Conference finals, they died of terrible death.

The Rockets’ 27 consecutive three-point turnovers not only made them into the record, but also turned the 54-43 lead at the end of the half into a 101-92 loss, smashing their dream of finally defeating the Warriors and entering the NBA. finals.

James Harden (2-13), Eric Gordon (2-12) and Trevor Ariza (0-9) are the worst fouls, shooting 4-34 from long range.

The latest goal achieved in the game (team)

16-Orlando Magic (2011-12)

The next time your team is in trouble, remember that the situation may be worse: they may be the Orlando Magic 2011-12.

In the January showdown with Boston, Orlando ended the night with a record 16 field goals. This was his 65 attempts with a stunning 87-56 loss.

The Magic were still a playoff team at the time, but on that particular night, they completely forgot how to play basketball.

Maximum loss margin

68 points (148-80)-Miami Heat (1991-92)

One of the most interesting subpictures of Cleveland’s record-breaking 148-80 Miami demolition is that no Cavaliers scored more than 18 points.

The eight Cavaliers scored in double figures, all 12 of them entered the game, and no one played less than 10 minutes.

It is one of the most evenly distributed box scores you have ever seen.

Maximum half-time difference

47 points (88-41)-King Sacramento (1991-92)

This brutal defeat was provided by the Golden State Warriors, and two-thirds of their “Run TMC” trio are still with Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin.

Interestingly, another member of the Big Three, Mitch Richmond, has left Golden State for Sacramento, the victim of a cruel butt kick (although he was that night Did not participate in the competition)

The Warriors never stopped and continued to win 153-91.

The shortest NBA career

4 seconds-Jameson Curry (2009-10)

JamesOn Curry’s NBA career began with a 10-day contract with the Clippers in 2009-10.

During that time, Curry kicked a total of 4 seconds after being overwhelmed by the dying seconds lost to Boston on January 25, 2010.

Not surprisingly, Curry did not record any statistics for a brief moment in the sun.

Most games are not scored

28 minutes, 46 seconds – Joel Anthony (2010-11)

Welcome to the Trillion Club.

It sounds like an overpriced nightclub, but “Trillion Club” is actually a term coined by former Ohio State Pacer Mark Titus, which refers to players sneaking into the game but not recording The time of any statistical information, the box score is one minute, and then a string of zeros (actually, the playing time is not necessarily one minute, it is very helpful for catchy names).

Joel Anthony is a shame for the club’s chairman. He set a record of 28 minutes and 46 seconds against Miami against Portland on January 9, 2011, without scoring, rebounds, assists, steals or blocks .

Joel Anthony

Tony Snell is incredibly close to Anthony’s record in 2017-18, but it is still 21 seconds away.

“If you are a king, it is best not to miss it,” Anthony did not say at the time.

Fastest player

2 minutes, 43 seconds-BUBBA WELLS (1997-98)

When Dallas played in Chicago midway through the 1997-98 season, the Mavericks coach Don Nelson was determined to cut Dennis Rodman into pieces and send him to the production line as much as possible.

In fact, Nelson was so determined that he only ate the sacrificed lamb Bubba Wells (he only played in 39 NBA games), whose sole intention was to let him deliberately foul Rodman .

To his credit, he used all 6 fouls in 2 minutes and 43 seconds and completed the hit very efficiently.

The most common technical problems in a season

41 – Rashid Wallace (2000-01)

There is nothing more natural than Rasheed Wallace than obeying a technical foul.

When Wallace scored 41 fouls in 80 games in the 2000-01 season, this was no more obvious than that.

In today’s game, such a feat is even impossible, because the current league rules stipulate that once a player accumulates 16 technicians in a season, he will be suspended for one game without paying any compensation, and Each technique will be banned thereafter.

The most professional technical courses

332-Karl Malone

In terms of technology, Rasheed Wallace (Rasheed Wallace) has the GOAT season, and Karl Malone (Karl Malone) is the leader in history.

For reference, here are the top five in history:

  • Karl Malone (332)
  • Charles Barkley (329)
  • Rasheed Wallace: 317
  • Gary Payton: 250
  • Dennis Rodman: 212

The following is the ranking of these players on the technical level of each game:

  • Charles Barkley: 0.28
  • Rasheed Wallace (Rasheed Wallace): 0.25
  • Karl Malone: ​​0.20
  • Dennis Rodman: 0.19
  • Gary Payton: 0.17

Most of the turnover in the game

14-Jason Kidd (2000-01)

When you are as busy as Jason Kidd in allocating rocks, you are destined to experience some nights with cumbersome turnover.

In the last game against the Knicks, Kidd made an amazing 14 turnovers in the final year with the Suns in the 2000-01 season.

The good news is that he still made triple-doubles, scoring 18 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists (if you want to include turnovers, call it a double-double).

Most trades during the season

464-James Harden (2016-17)

Although most teams generally want to keep their turnovers at around 10 per night, James Harden has achieved more than half of his own results. He averaged an amazing 5.7 turnovers per game in 2016-17 and scored 464 End of the season.

Most of the turnover in the game (team)

40-San Antonio Spurs (1988-89)

It’s hard to imagine that there will be a terrible San Antonio team, but there is no doubt that the 1988-89 Spurs are absolute ass.

They proved that when they turned the ball through a record 40 times, there was no doubt the shadow-almost one turnover per minute! – In the Golden State Warriors defeated 133-96.

In the past 15 years, no team has made more than 10 Spurs turnovers.

Most trades during the season (team)

2,011-Denver Little Goldman (1976-77)

The 1976-77 Denver Nuggets had only one team with more than 2,000 turnovers in a season.

The feat at the time was as crazy as their logo:

The actual logo of the Denver Nuggets from 1974-1981.

These guys contributed 24.5 turnovers per game that season.

For reference, it was twice the unfavorable team with the most turnover last season.

Unbelievably, this extremely wasteful Nuggets team still ended the regular season with a 50-32 score and entered the second round of the playoffs.

Although they did make a lot of mistakes, they were the best defensive team in the league. Although they seemed to pass the ball to other teams at any possible opportunity, they still maintained the top seven offenses.

Longest missing streak

26-Cleveland Cavaliers (2010-11) and Philadelphia 76ers (2013-14)

Few teams are as frustrating as the 2010-11 LeBron post Cavaliers and the 2013-14 season of trustworthy players.

Antawn Jamison, the 34-year-old hell knight, is the Cavaliers’ scorer, while Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner are the most Philadelphians.

The two teams still performed well and really avoided the worst record ever, but dear God, it was some terrible losing streak.

Worst regular record

7-59 – Charlotte Lynx (2011-12)

Almost everything about the Charlotte Bobcats is terrible: jerseys, stadiums, empty arenas, ownership, management, etc.

But the Bobcats’ poor 7-59 season in 2011-12 season history did solidify their place in the worst team ever.

The shortened season of stoppages cost the Bobcats the most lost opportunity ever-the 9-73 76ers won this honor in 1973-but they did manage to achieve the worst win rate ever.

Quarter with the lowest score (team)

2 points-Dallas Mavericks (1996-97) and Golden State Warriors (2003-04)

Fully thank each player involved, because they did not completely give up basketball.

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