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The name of the LeBron James Troll Washington football team

the6man Jul 24

LeBron James

LeBron James is known for taking a nap before the game. He woke up from a Thursday and found that the former Washington Redskins is now the Washington football team.

He joked that they conducted a thorough review to arrive at the name of the team.

The Washington Group has been renamed for a long time.

It was finally implemented after many sponsors decided to withdraw from sponsorship.

This is marked in the controversy surrounding the front desk. There are many lawsuits against harassment before it. This is a bad situation.

The name of the entire football team has become a joke on Twitter because many athletes around the world are making fun of it.

They will rename the team and find a new name, but now this is the name they want to use.

Kevin Durant (Kevin Durant) was born and raised a Washington fan.

As protests continue to provide social justice reforms in the country, this will be commonplace.

The Cleveland Indians are also considering changing their names.

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