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The NBA 2K21 soundtrack will contain 2 unpublished songs by Damian Lillard

the6man Jul 27

NBA2K21 Cover Athlete, Damian Lillard

If you’ve been an NBA fan long enough, you know that Damian Lillard, the guardian of the Portland Trail Blazer, is not just an absolute scoring machine, but also a polished rapper.

Lillard was recently announced as the cover athlete for the upcoming basketball video game NBA 2K21 but his commitment doesn’t stop there. The player also has two unpublished songs in the game’s soundtrack.

Via Clutchpoints.com Ryan WardThe superstar of the blazers sees this as a great achievement.

“Being on the cover alone is a big deal for me, but being on the cover and having my music in the game is also a great achievement,” Lillard was quoted as saying.

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