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The NBA decides to hold an All-Star game during the LeBron James explosion pandemic

the6man Feb 05

LeBron James criticized the NBA’s intention to hold an All-Star game this season as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

After the Lakers defeated the Nuggets 114-93 on Thursday, James told reporters: “I don’t even know why we have an All-Star game.”

James said that in this year’s mid-season show, he had “zero energy and zero excitement.”

The NBA initially decided not to participate in All-Star Weekend, and James described the change in the league as a “slap in the face.”

According to the sports team’s Shams Charania, the NBA and NBAPA reached an agreement this week to hold the All-Star Game in Atlanta on March 7.

Before James made the remarks, Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox said that in a pandemic, the All-Star game was “a bit stupid”.

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