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The NBA expects a loss of up to $ 1 billion when the 2020-21 season kicks off in January

the6man Oct 31

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The NBA expects the 2020/21 season to begin in January. In a broader sense, competition with the Summer Olympics could lead to “significant financial turmoil” Adrian Wojnarowski by ESPN.

Many NBA players are said to be looking for a start in mid-January, as opposed to the league’s scheduled start on December 22nd. However, if the campaign starts early next year, the Olympics will take place in July.

According to Woj:

“After the NBA postponed a deadline until next Friday that would allow the NBA to resign after the post-coronavirus pandemic collective agreement ends, the League and National Basketball Players Association don’t have enough time to get started to unite the NBA season before Christmas.

“And with no assurance that the pandemic will allow fans to enter the arena this season – and predictions that their absence could cost the league more than $ 4 billion in lost revenue – the NBA fears the 2020-21 season will begin Delay through January According to sources, additional revenue losses of $ 500-1 billion will be seen over the next season and beyond. “

Negotiations between the league and NBPA are on continue into the weekend and next week.

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