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The NBA held resume season negotiations at Disney’s Orlando Complex in late July

the6man May 24

The NBA has now engaged in an exploratory dialogue with Walt Disney Company to restart the rest of the season.

The location of the discussion is the Disney ESPN Universal Stadium in Orlando, Florida. According to NBA spokesman Mike Bass, the restart location is scheduled for late July.

“The NBA, along with the National Association of Basketball Players, is in an exploratory dialogue with Disney to restart the 2019-20 NBA season as a separate NBA venue at ESPN Universal Stadium in Disney Florida in late July. There are games on campus Customs and housing. “Bath said.

“Our first priority remains to ensure the health and safety of all people. We are working with public health experts and government officials to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure that appropriate medical procedures and protective measures are in place.”

Since March 11, the NBA has been suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is unclear whether the NBA season will resume the game from the end of the season or directly into the playoffs.

The 220-acre ESPN Sports World Complex has three arenas and large hotel accommodations, allowing the league to restart the game while limiting contact with the outside world.

ESPN’s Adrien Wojnarowski reported last Friday that the NBA’s board of directors will be held next Friday.

The conference call is expected to provide the team with more detailed information on the schedule and plans to resume this season.

As of now, the team will be instructed to recall players into their respective markets around June 1st.

The league is discussing step-by-step plans, including the first two weeks of recalling players to the team market for quarantine, one to two weeks of personal exercise at team facilities and two to three weeks of formal training, Wojnarowski said, training camp.

Unless there is an increase in the COVID-19 case or a change in the current security agreement, NBA owners, executives and NBPA seniors believe that Commissioner Adam Silver will approve and continue the performance in June. The game will resume before the end of July. .

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