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The NBA is making up for the loss of income in the group stage.

the6man May 27

NBA Comissioner Silver

The NBA has many opportunities to resume their season, and now you can join the group stage in the group stage.

Ringer ’s Kevin O’Connor explained:

“The current 16 playoff teams will be eligible to enter the group stage, plus four best teams (Pioneers, Pelicans, Kings and Spurs). The remaining 10 teams will Completed this season. Surveys sent to each general manager indicate that “ranks” will first be created using regular season rankings to ensure a balanced balance between groups. “

This move will make the NBA get more income, thanks to more teams.

This will also encourage teams outside the playoffs to join the competition.

But it seems that the NBA can also propose a list of ranks, including high-level teams like the Lakers and Bucks to choose who is in their lineup.

It is becoming more and more clear that the problem has in case NBA will return how about it with When It will return.

The swimming pool system is just one of many possibilities.

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