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The NBA released a fierce battle a week before the season restarted

the6man Jul 05

The NBA released the official game schedule for the 22 teams invited to the league on Saturday, and restarted at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando later this month.

From July 22 to July 28, each team will participate in three exhibition competitions, and then before the official competition starts on July 30.

The competition will take place at one of three different locations at ESPN Universal Stadium, including HP Field House, Arena and Visa Sports Center.

Three to six scuffles in multiple courts each day

The melee game has no restrictions on the team, except that it is a preliminary method to restore everyone to normal operation.

The NBA did not disclose whether it will be broadcast on TV. The NBA said it will determine the details of the potential broadcast in the future.

The season will be officially resumed on July 30.

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