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The NBA’s plans to restart the season could impact college basketball

the6man Jun 14

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The NBA’s restart plans could impact college basketball if implemented next month. Then the league will try to bring their show to Orlando and end the 2019/20 season in a bubble.

While Players linger concerns Given the current climate in the United States and health and safety, the NBA is likely to end the campaign at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

The NBA is the model for sports leagues in America and their plans already have got the thumbs up from Dr. Anthony Fauci. The playoffs will not affect the NCAA season if this happens, but could certainly affect it.

The proposal is practical, but rather unconventional. However, it is necessary that we simply cannot keep an eye on basketball with fans at the moment, and no one knows how long this will be the rule of the day.

The college basketball season usually starts in November, so the start of the NCAA season does not fall into the playoffs despite the change. As we should have realized by now, there is no home advantage in a central location. It’s a little easier for the NBA to do, but the college atmosphere is drastically different and the impact of not having a lot doesn’t go unnoticed.

The NBA’s testing strategy should also benefit college basketball because it has enough information to work with.

On another front, the NCAA also has to deal with individual school decisions. While only eight NBA teams shortened their season because of the pandemic and not voluntarily, college basketball programs could keep their teams from competing. Duke and Kansas particularly refused to participate in the NCAA tournament due to the crisis.

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The NBA can only serve as a guide and the NCAA has to make its own decisions. Safety should remain the main concern and all possible measures should be taken to ensure that players, coaches and various employees do not affect their health.

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