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The Nets conduct main coaching training before the season restarts

the6man Oct 31

The Brooklyn Nets announced an important coaching move today. Former Rockets head coach Mike Antonio will serve as assistant coaches with Steve Nash.

In addition, Amar’e Stoudemire and the highly acclaimed Ime Udoka will also join D’Antoni’s New York franchise.

This is a coveted support lineup for the new head coach Nash, who has doubled his ability to manage players and characters time and time again.

These new employees seem to have ticked off the X and O boxes, which will excite many basketball fans. They hope to see healthy Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant at the end of the new season.

At a moment of chance, D’Antoni will now be in Nash. Since 2004-08, he has been coaching him in the mysterious Phoenix Suns. This offensive style Produced a “seven seconds or less” offensive method.

D’Antoni has brought considerable coaching achievements to the Nets competing for the championship, and he has been hailed as one of the most creative strategists in the association.

In the past four seasons, he coached the Rockets and achieved an impressive record of 217-101, which is also the longest playoff winning streak in the league.

D’Antoni won the Coach of the Year award twice in his career.

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