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The only team in the playoffs to return, the meeting was eliminated

the6man May 26

As June approaches, the NBA is expected to implement a plan to get this season back on track.

The team should soon be able to recall the players and start preparing to continue the game at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The league is currently exploring a variety of options, including an option that can restore 30 teams to the coveted record of 70 games, thereby winning the vast majority of local TV revenue.

However, the second option considered is to bring only 16 playoff teams and limit the number of Orlando players.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on “Getting Up”, the latter option is becoming increasingly popular. On Monday morning, a brand new sowing system can be opened.

Windhorst said: “I really think it’s very likely that only 16 teams will make the playoffs.” “If so, it opens for what Adam Silver has long wanted. The possibility. This is the seeds of the playoffs 1 to 16, and then go down that road. There is no travel or any similar excuse. It must be voted by the owner, which means that many Eastern Conference owners must agree to this However, if there is a way to make this interesting and interesting, and it is possible to test this theory, then if this is the way they are going, then you will never get a better chance. “

As far as the current situation is concerned, since the Orlando Magic defeated the Portland Trail Blazers by a 16 seed 1.5 game advantage, the two conferences have equal numbers of representatives.

If the format is approved, there can be up to four cross-conference matches if the seed matches this:

1. Milwaukee Bucks vs. Orlando Magic

8. Miami Heat vs. 9. Oklahoma City Thunder

4. Los Angeles Lakers vs. 13. Dallas Mavericks

5. Boston Celtics vs. 12 Philadelphia 76ers

2. Los Angeles Lakers vs. 15. Brooklyn Nets

7. Utah Jazz vs. 10. Houston Rockets

3. Toronto Raptors vs. 14. Memphis Grizzlies

6. Denver Nuggets vs. 11. Indiana Pacers

The No. 1-16 seeds can create some exciting games, including the Celtics and Ben Simmons’ guard against the 76ers, the third consecutive playoff game between the Jazz and Rockets, and the Lakers The possibility of being in separate brackets with the Clippers, and possibly in the final.

Playing in one position can give the NBA the best situation to try 1-16 seeding.

The question is whether the team will agree.

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