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The planned finals date is the end of the NBA return trip

the6man Jun 03

NBA referee Adam Silver

As the NBA struggles to find a timetable to enable them to complete the 2019-20 season, the current proposal is for Game 7 of the NBA Finals on October 12.
This way, the league can plan for the start of next season, which may be around Christmas.
According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the current proposal includes 22 teams participating in the Disney World in Orlando, with 16 playoff teams and 6 teams that can participate in the game.
ESPN’s Brian Windhorst previously reported that the league’s desire to join Zion Williamson is an important reason behind the 22-team model, if only the current postseason is invited The team comes to Orlando and the Pelicans will miss the game.
Adam Silver is expected to submit a proposal to the NBA Council on Thursday.

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