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The player with the biggest vertical leap ever

the6man Feb 05

Introducing you to Hoop Fit, a new series that focuses on health and fitness news and the skills to shape the game. Platter.

Over the years, some players in the game have jumped incredible.

Now, we are here to determine the best leap once and for all, while also showing you how to improve your vertical leap.

SPUD WEBB-46 inches vertical

In the NBA, there are many players under six feet who make names for themselves.

But none of them have a jump like Spudd Webb…not even the three-time Grand Slam dunk contest champion Nate Robinson.

Weber’s ability to lift into the sky is almost unparalleled, and the excitement of a little guy from high to high never disappears.

Jason Richardson-46 inches vertical leap

Jason Richardson was an excellent player in his prime, but the 2002 and 2003 slam dunk contests (which he won) will forever be etched in the memory of long-term basketball fans.

He was also responsible for some heinous in-game eliminations.

ZACH LAVINE-46″ vertical vertical

Zach Lavine excites the dunk contest in a way that almost no one else can do.

As we continue to win the 2015 and 2016 slam dunk contests, his crazy hops have been fully displayed.

MICHAEL JORDAN – 46 inches vertical calf

MJ’s impossible work hours are the most jaw-dropping part of his athletic ability.

Jordan’s best dunks, blocks and floating baskets are the most iconic figures in NBA history.

WILT CHAMBERLAIN-48-inch vertical leap

Wilt Chamberlain dominated the NBA game in an unprecedented way.

Of course, the athletes he faced were not as good as what we have today, but this does not change the fact that his athletic ability is considered elite in any era.

How do you improve your vertical leap

According to sports performance expert T.J. Allen (Allen), you can add many key exercises to your workout routines that will take your jumping ability to the next level.

These include deadlifts (strength part), single-arm dumbbell snatch (strength part) and hip flexor extension exercises.

Click here Learn more about how to perform these exercises and stretching exercises correctly, and why they are so important for improving vertical jumps.

In addition to these core activities, you can also perform other tasks in your daily activities-there are some excellent equipment that will also help propel you to the sky.

Equipment to improve your verticality:

Spalding Global Shooting Trainer™ The perfect shooting style can help you stand up and surpass the defender. It is built for three simple settings, each with a different purpose. The first setting is to target your state on free throws or undisputed jumpers. The second simulates the defender in your path, and the third goal is your ability to shoot the ball towards the defender’s outstretched arm.

Spalding strength jumper Spalding jump strength training booster belt is very suitable to increase the vertical height of shooting and rebound, can help you develop explosive and powerful vertical jump.

Spalding Shooting Competition With the help of Spalding shooting competition players’ training aids, you can perfect your jump shots and trapeze. Designed for simulating the extended arm of a defender, it is very suitable for teams with large differences in player height.

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