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The top 5 players will sign before the 2020 NBA playoffs (DeMarcus Cousins, Jeremy Lin, Smith)

the6man Jun 10

Photo Credit: Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group

One idea in the NBA is for the team to sign players before the season resumes. Eligible players must join the NBA or G League roster at some point this year, even if they are only in training camp. This eliminates many well-known personalities, but still includes some potential contributors. With this rule, we can see DeMarcus Cousins ​​regression, Gerald Green regression, Tyler Johnson regression, Vince Carter regression and Vince Carter farewell and Iman Shumpert regression.

Fans want to see Jeremy Lin return, Jamal Crawford return, JR Smith return, Lance Stephenson return or Darren Collison return (Darren Collison) returns, but all these players are not allowed to sign a new team, and there are no active players on the list. 2019/20 season. morning. Hoop Review the top 5 players before the 2020 NBA playoffs:

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