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The truth behind Zion Williamson Minutes Limitation

the6man Aug 04

When a frustrated Zion Williamson (Zion Williamson) lay tightly on the bench after just 15 minutes of playing with the Jazz on Thursday, NBA Twitter almost lost its sanity.

Two days later, Williamson played 14 minutes against the Clippers, which further angered them.

Anger is understandable.

Everyone wants to see the most exciting rookie on the court since LeBron James, and no one can figure out why he still cannot play the full game after more than four months of rest.

But this is the point where most people are missing:

What the Pelicans worry about is not that Williamson is not resting enough, but that he doesn’t Enough playing Leading to the reopening of the season.

Zion has only practiced four times at five and five since the coronavirus shut down the alliance on March 11. According to athletics.

He also left basketball for 13 days after leaving the bubble last month due to an urgent need for family affairs.

In addition, Thursday’s game against the Jazz is the first full-contact five-on-five action since Williamson Wilderness.

All these factors, coupled with Williamson’s unprecedented combination of size, power, and speed, caused the New Orleans medical staff to limit his visit time.

The Pelicans are doing the right thing here.

This may not be what people want to hear-it is always nice to be blamed in moments of depression-but it is true.

In terms of managing Zion’s body, New Orleans is in uncharted territory, and they have no interest in discovering his limits in difficult ways.

The last thing they want is for Zion to tear up his knees like him Shredded his Nike last year.

It is also worth noting that Williamson’s business scope is broader History of injury More than many people realize, so this doesn’t mean that the Pelicans are acting out of sheer paranoia.

In the long run, they are doing everything possible to keep Zion healthy.

Unfortunately, injuries, family emergencies and a global pandemic have resulted in a two-minute time limit in relatively close locations.

To be honest, you cannot win the Pelican position.

If the team played Zion for a full minute at the beginning of the game and he was injured, then everyone would say: “You really need to be cautious with people this size.”

Just ask Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors about the dangers of overusing it when injured.

Good news for Pelicans fans and fans Conventional rim battle -On Monday, Williamson was knocked 25 minutes into a 109-99 victory over Memphis in New Orleans.

His most stringent restrictions may have been permanently lifted.

Of course, 25 minutes will not reassure everyone, but the Pelicans obviously don’t care about public opinion now.

Their only concern is the health of their best players.

And you can hardly blame them for it.

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This post is written by Nick Jungfer


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