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The wing finds its place on the floor with a brand new lineup-Women’s Basketball World

the6man Jul 17

Arike Ogunbowale and Satou Sabally watched whether they hit the ball in practice. Photo courtesy of Dallas Wings.

In the fight to become the youngest team in the WNBA, as in 2020, the Wings of Dallas are fighting.

After a major overhaul of the roster during the offseason, they won three first-round draft picks. Seven of the 12 on the list have only 1-2 years of experience in the league.

However, the isolation of life and the intensity of practice conditions make young teams learn faster and adapt to each other faster than in normal training camps. In the first six days, athletes have begun to adapt to their roles.

Last year’s rookie of the year Arike Ogunbowale was forced to play the role of a point guard in her debut, and even in this position, she was the team’s scoring leader. This season, due to the acquisition of two real point guards: Moria Jefferson and rookie Tessa Harris, she will resume her position as a shooting guard.

Ogunbowale said she is happy to have them because they will allow her more freedom to take the ball out of her hand.

Ogunbowale said: “I am very satisfied with the appearance of the training camp and my position in the team.” “I am a scorer, the coach will want me (this season) to do exactly the same thing, so this is my mindset .”

Despite the new faces, there are still three groups of college teammates: Notre Dame’s Ogunbowale and Marina Mabrey; Evidence from Jefferson and Katie Lou Samuelson of Connecticut; Harris and Allisha Gray from South Carolina.

For Samuelson, her familiarity with the players on the team allowed her to enter the game and look more like herself.

Samuelson said: “I am able to fill my position, I feel that I can play like myself without having to become or adapt to a specific role or expectation.” “I can grow and understand that I can be based on my space and What ability can contribute to the team.”

Although these three rookies are skilled, they have a shorter learning curve.

Second pick Satou Sabally believes that the versatility of the game has not changed, but she said she is working hard to become stronger. Exerting the strength of each athlete may be the key to the success of this team.

Sabari said: “We only practiced for six days, but we look very good-we are very talented.” “We are weak, we will participate in the game, we hope to win every game, in terms of our competitiveness, We are no different from other teams.”

Sabally said that after she graduated from the University of Oregon, the coronavirus pandemic prevented her from returning to her hometown of Germany, and said that she had not seen her family for a year. But she and Ogunbovale both said that the “bubble” where all players live is not bad.

Ogunboal said that in any case, she is usually a housewife, so entering the bubble period is not so much adjustment.

She said: “I don’t go much. To be honest, it’s no different. (Obviously) you have more freedom to go somewhere.” “But I am satisfied with the hut or apartment in the bubble, so I well.”

Sabally said that the tight season is not her vision for the rookie season, but she is very happy to be able to participate in the game.

Sabali said: “We are here now, we can use our best ability, we are indeed in a lucky position.” “Despite various circumstances, we are still here, there will be a season, we will play. “

The wing will end their trip on July 26.

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