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Three players per analyst should trade the Lakers for Kyle Kuzma

the6man Jun 06

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Kyle Kuzma’s future in Los Angeles remains uncertain. The The 24-year-old striker is deployed to be included in trade rumors. So far, the Lakers have failed to sell it to another team. According to NBA analyst Eric Pincus, it would make sense for both Kuzma and Lakers to separate.

With the arrival of Anthony Davis, the young striker saw his playing time shortened. Kuzma’s minutes per game fell from 33.1 (in the 2018-19 season) to 24.6 this season. Of course, he scores fewer points – 12.5 instead of 18.7. Davis will likely stay with the Lakers for the foreseeable future, which means that Kuzma would not see his minutes grow.

Los Angeles needs a guard with game and shooting skills. Free agent Dion Waiters has been signed to at least partially cover this. Though a higher level guard would be needed. Pincus campaigned for Spencer Dinwiddie, Buddy Hield and Zach LaVine as players who would suit this task, with the Network Guardian being an “ideal” option.

Per Eric Pincus from Bleacher Report::

“Kuzma may be better suited to a team that needs a young striker. The Lakers have to play and shoot.

“The Brooklyn Nets guard, Spencer Dinwiddie, would be an ideal target if he were available. Buddy Hield, the guardian of the Sacramento Kings, is an elite marksman and could enjoy the open looks that James and Davis produce. An athletic goalscorer like Zach LaVine could also be interesting given the recent Chicago Bulls front office sales. “

If such a trade were to take place, the Lakers would have to add more if the contract was extended due to the Kuzma contract, which is $ 3.6 million for the coming season.

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