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Time is a “huge coincidence”

the6man May 27

Via yemibamiro.com

If you think Michael Jordan is an unforgettable memory Last dance Think about all the MJ actions you will perform this month. In the background of ESPN’s popular series, there is another documentary about global idols, but the focus of this documentary is on the phenomenon of his Air Jordan brand and its promoter Nike.

One Man and his shoes Premiered on VICE TV on Monday night, from Last danceThe ending is an excellent watch, which includes former Jordan agent David Falk, former NBA commissioner David Stern, sports reporter Jamie Hill, sports writer Skop Jackson and the realization of this Interview with the target person, Sonny Vaccaro (Sonny Vaccaro (Surprising exclusion From Last dance).

The 10-part documentary series of basketball games has aroused great interest, so you can’t be happy about its end; fortunately, there are already other things to check.

The timing is indeed better than it is now-however, according to the film director Yemi Bamiro, this is entirely coincidental.

Talkbasket.net spoke with British film producers to discuss the release and the inspiration behind it. Bamiro claimed that it took him more than six years to complete the documentary because the focus shifted several times over time.

“It took so long because initially I wanted to tell a story about Jordan collectors. I was interested in exploring the nature of their obsessive-compulsive disorder and why they are so keen on this particular brand.” He explained.

“I tried to make a story for about a year, but soon realized that I did n’t know how interesting that story was, or whether it could sustain the length of a feature film for a movie. So, I started to think about the Air Jordan phenomenon The way it happened, how Nike basically bet on the farm on Michael Jordan and how the deal happened. Then this feeling made me move in the direction of filming. “

Bamiro claims that the time of the premiere has nothing to do with this Last dance He had expected it to be earlier than the Chicago Bulls documentary. However, he was not angry about the development of things.

He said: “It’s a huge coincidence.” “Considering that this huge 10-part movie series that appears right behind Michael Jordan, this really looks like a good one. Timing, but this is entirely a coincidence, and sometimes the situation can be interesting.

“Like I said, we have been shooting movies for almost seven years, I think I heard Last dance About three years ago, so I knew it was in production. I know it is coming, but I always imagined that when it happened, we would be very clear. I think life has an interesting way to ruin your plan. “

A man and his shoes Can watch now VICETV.com And VICE TV applications.

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