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Tobias Harris admits Sixers has underachieved this season, but remains optimistic for Orlando

the6man Jun 28

Photo: NBCS Philadelphia

Despite high expectations at the start of the season, the Philadelphia 76ers have shown incredible luck in chemistry and balance from game to game.

Tobias Harris raised the issue during his appearance on ESPN’s “First Take”.

“I’m just saying, and I’ll keep it real, we haven’t had the best chemistry all year,” Harris said. by Noah Levick from NBC Sports Philadelphia. “It took us a while to bring everyone together. We fought injuries from start to finish. And now if we are the sleeper, then we are the sleeper. To be honest, as we are seen, that’s someone else’s opinion, but I know when I look my boys in the eye and we have conversations, we have one goal in mind and that is to go out and play and to win a championship.

That is the only view that is important to me, ”he continued. “I understand what people have to say about our team because we haven’t met our expectations so far this year. But we have a new opportunity in Orlando to just play ball and really scratch a new surface of what we can achieve. “

The Sixers were only sixth in the east at 39-26 before the season was interrupted in March. Their inability to win abroad was the most problematic feature of their season with just 10 wins in 34 games.

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