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Tom Thibodeau watches the Knicks’ game movie because he expects to get a job offer

the6man Jul 20

Via CBS Sports

It is said that Tom Thibodeau is waiting for the New York Knicks game video, he is waiting for the team’s job opportunities.

The former Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves coaches are The best person to work for the Knicks, According to the report. According to New York PostTo quote NBA sources, Marc Berman and Thibodeau have been preparing for this role and are already researching movies.

Tom Tibodu
Photo: Butch Dill/Associated Press

Berman wrote:

NBA sources said: “Thibodeau is considered the best candidate and he is wasting his time waiting for possible job opportunities in the Knicks game movie…

“The interview may have been completed and a decision may be made next week, but the owner James Dolan must still be consulted and signed. Six weeks have passed since the Knicks began searching, and hours have passed Interview.”

Although Tom Thibodeau is considered the coach most likely to find a job, it is reported that former NBA star Jason Kidd gave Knicks executives in his second interview They were impressed. Kidd’s solid interactions may not have much impact on Thibs’ prospects, but we are not sure.

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