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Total number of NBA coronavirus cases rises to 25

the6man Jul 03

Adam Silver Coronavirus case to 25

The NBA announced that nine new players had tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases to 25.

Last week, 16 of 351 players tested positive.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NBPA Executive Director Michelle Roberts are It is said The number of “released” cases is so low.

Nine new cases reinforce the notion that a large number of new players are infected. It is a very realistic possibility.

“We are testing every day. We did not give the exact number, but if we want to see a large number of cases and spread in our community, it is of course the reason to stop.” Silver said.

In less than five days, 22 teams are scheduled to travel to the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida to complete the 2019-20 season.

If more and more players continue to test positive for coronavirus, then Silver may have to reconsider returning to the season.

“One thing we are learning about the virus is-a lot [is] Unpredictable, we and our participants and their unions review the data every day. If there are any changes beyond our pursuit, then we will definitely reconsider our plan. “Silver said.

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