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Trae Young switches agency to Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports

the6man Jun 28

Trae Young will be eligible for the rookie’s highest renewal contract in 2021. He is jumping the ship and switching companies to join Klutch Sports of LBron James.

In his second year with the Atlanta Hawks, Young followed his player agent Omar Wilkes to Rich Paul’s agency.

Klutch Sports continues to attract talent that is constantly emerging in the league, along with elite James, Anthony Davis, John Wall, Draymond Green and others Join the agency.

Young is considered to be a potential MVP player in the future. Before suspending the game in March, he averaged 229.6 points and 9.3 assists per game.

Hawke’s point guard is likely to be selected for the All-NBA team next season, which is very helpful for his next contract.

Young will be eligible for 30% of the cap instead of 25%, which will result in more money in his contract.

Atlanta is far from competing for the title, but the team has some promising young players in John Collins and now Clint Capela.

These additions will only help the Hawks win more games and develop and improve Jan’s efficiency.

Sophomore guards also need to play a defensive role in order to become a more complete basketball player.

Nevertheless, with the dazzling court game every night, Young has proved to be the future of the NBA.

His vision is excellent, and he can shoot from anywhere in the hardwood.

This ability prevents the defenders from stopping him, they can only work out a plan to contain him.

Young is a huge victory for Klutch Sports because the agency continues to dominate the market.

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This post is written by Justin Hickey


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