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Tyler Herro studies Klay Thompson, Ray Allen Tape improves shots

the6man Jul 06

Tyler Hero

Miami Heat defender Taylor Harrow said that Golden State Warriors guard Clay Thompson and Hall of Famer Ray Allen are both players he studied to improve jump shots.

Herro entered the NBA in less than a season, but he has established himself as one of the best long-range shooters in the league, averaging more than 39% of 5.4 attempts outside the three-point line.

Hiro told reporters through Ella Windman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel: “Clay Thompson, Ray Allen, CJ McCollum, Steve Nash and Bradley Beal are all I watch People who have just picked different things from each player.”

The five players mentioned by Herro are not only excellent shooters, but also the best catcher ever.

“You know, Klay and Ray, their catch and shot are excellent. So, when I watch them, I will pay attention to this. But every player I have seen, or the coach has seen my player, I Some new things or things different from their games can be analyzed to try to add them to my game.” Herro continued.

When Herro and Heat travel to Orlando, Florida to complete the NBA season, Herro will have the opportunity to be tested by film research.

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