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Udonis Haslem says he would have fought Michael Jordan if he bullied him as a teammate

the6man May 15

Christian Petersen / Getty Images
Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty Images

The great man from Miami Heat, Udonis Haslem, says he would not have welcomed Michael Jordan kindly if he had given him derogatory names as a teammate.

The last Dance surely unmasked MJ for the bully he was, and one of the episodes from last Sunday showed him pouncing on Swingman Scott Burrell and calling him “b *** h” and “ho” during a particular lesson.

Speak with ESPNRichard Jefferson, who was in an Instagram live session this week, told Haslem that he would not have accepted something like a teammate and would have clashed with the basketball symbol above it.

He said:

“Michael Jordan’s approach may not have been my approach to certain things. It was a name that called there. I’m just saying if I am one of the people Mike talks to, I could put my hands on Mike, that’s all I say. I could lay my hands on Mike. And I love Mike to death. Mike the greatest ever. But you can’t call me the B word and the H, the H word. No, okay Mike. We have to come to terms with it. “

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