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Uncertainty is unresolved, some WNBA players have found marketing opportunities || Hoopfeed.com

the6man Jun 30

Published on June 29, 2020


Even if the coronavirus pandemic covers the entire country, and the upcoming season is coming to an end, some WNBA players are still looking for ways to expand their careers through marketing and sponsorship agreements.

Converse and Cloud

Natasha Cloud. Photo: Converse.

Washington Mystic guard Natasha Cloud (Natasha Cloud) is not this season, so she can focus on the cause of social justice. She became the first female basketball player to reach a deal with Converse. Although she completed the transaction in May, she did not announce the transaction until June because she was busy using her voice to help raise awareness of racial discrimination and the brutal treatment of blacks by the police.

On the Converse roster, Black Cloud joined Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green and Phoenix Suns forward Kelly Ober. By the 2020 WNBA season, the shoe company will pay 100% of Cloud’s salary, According to the girl talk sports TV.

In the social media marketing that Converse announced a deal with Cloud, the company cited the player: “For me, the biggest thing is to use the platform as a microphone. This is the goal, to be the voice of the silent.”

Wheeler raises physical training to curry level

Erica Wheeler’s FITLIGHT training. Image courtesy of Erica Wheeler.

Indiana fever point guard Erica Wheeler, who will play this season, will ensure that she stays top-notch this spring and early summer. She uses the same system as other professional players (such as the Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry). She started using the FITLIGHT system. In intense training (including flashing lights and fast dribbling), it can enhance reflection and ball control skills.

“The lights mimic everything that happens on the court,” Curry To the San Francisco Chronicle About exercises. “If I have a defender in front of me, then I must know where he is and still be able to take any action at any time.”

For Wheeler, who won the All-Star Game MVP honor last season, “This system is not the same as anything I have used before, and it replicates the quick decisions I need to make as a point guard It has done a great job.”

She continued: “Because of COVID-19, this offseason is different.” “When I step into the upcoming WNBA season’s IMG Academy campus, I want to have an advantage in the competition. FITLIGHT is helping me prepare . I am very happy to be a brand ambassador and show this technology to my teammates and young people working with me through my foundation.”

Wheeler’s non-profit foundation in her hometown of Miami aims to provide underserved young people with a place to exercise to hone their skills while also helping them focus on active lives. When the WNBA game started, it was great to see how her training translated into her performance on the court.

Nike WNBA athletes get Swoosh Fly

Nike (Nike) Swoosh Fly. Photo: Nike.

After retiring Mistie Boyd, a former WNBA player and Duke graduate, she is still the Nike basketball clothing manager in the game. She led the launch of a women’s clothing line Swoosh Fly, which includes marketing by WNBA players sponsored by the brand.

Sue Bird, Sylvia Fowles, A’ja Wilson, Breanna Stewart and Elena Delle Donne and American wheelchair basketball player Megan Blunk jointly produced advertisements in stylish advertisements. The product line will be launched on July 10.

The Swoosh Fly series includes shorts, T-shirts, hoodies, practice clothes and sweatpants designed specifically for women’s physique, such as loose sweatshirts.

Although there are still some ambiguities around certain details of the WNBA season, at least in the case of uncertainty, at least some players will have off-court opportunities.

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