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Victor Oladipo is said to be at the top of the Miami Heat wish list

the6man Jun 06

Victor Oladipo Indiana Pacers
Photo: CBS Sports

The Miami Heat has reportedly made Victor Oladipo, the guardian of the Indiana Pacers, its primary target for the 2021 free agency.

The interest of the heat in the Milwaukee Bucks Center Giannis Antetokounmpo is hardly a secret, according to the Miami HeraldBarry Jackson, who pursues Oladipo, would leave less resistance if Giannis’ lure is taken into account.

He wrote:

“Indiana security guard Victor Oladipo (2021 unlimited free agent): He trains in the off-season in South Florida and, according to all sources, likes South Florida. The heat likes his game. And there is this: ESPN reported that the Pacers and Oladipo had talked about an extension before the season, but decided that it was best to plan these discussions.

“SNY reported that at some point in the talks, the Pacers had announced a four-year extension for approximately $ 80 million. From there, the talks didn’t go much forward.

“I would put him number 1 on the most likely list if Miami doesn’t get Antetokounmpo and if he returns to his old form – two big ifs.”

Victor Oladipo
Photo: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Victor Oladipo was once billed as the next Dwyane Wade

The 28-year-old missed more than a year of the action after only breaking the quadriceps tendon returned to the court in January. He averaged 13.8 points per game at 39.1 percent from the field and 30.4 percent from a distance. In the 78 games of the 2017/18 season, however, he scored an average of 23.1 points per competition and in 2018/19 18.8 points in 36 games.

When the league entered the league in 2013, the former Indiana college star was compared to the heat icon Dwyane Wade, and the two are good friends. Talks about the similarities have waned over the years; However, Oladipo still offers an exciting prospect for Miami that you should check carefully when he says he’s ready to leave Indiana.

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