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Warriors are reportedly “excited” not to go to Orlando to restart the season

the6man Jun 13


The Golden State Warriors are not part of the NBA recovery plan in Orlando, which has the worst record in the league (15-50) before the break.

The NBA decided to restart the season on July 30, a plan that could have many “holes”. measure with the league and the players about how it will work in reality.

The warriors don’t have to worry about the complexity of the resumption plan and are happy about it.

According to Ethan Strauss from Athletic::

“When talking to Warriors representatives, they are excited to skip Orlando, and not just because they are avoiding an increasingly complex negotiation process,” wrote The Athletic’s Ethan Strauss via NBC Sports. “You know that skipping Florida means more time to focus and find a way forward. The trick starts. “

On the other hand, when the next season starts in December, the Golden State will be nine months from its last basketball game.

During this time, due to the corona virus pandemic, players can only work individually in the team’s facility under strict rules.

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