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When Steve Kerr vowed never to question Steph Curry’s shot choice

the6man Jul 19

Steph Curry and Steve Kerr won three championships together, but Kerr did not always like his superstar shooting.

Curry changed the way he played the game by pulling from all positions on the floor.

Sometimes, he does this.

Kerr explained on “Damon, Rato and Korsky” in the 95.7 game: “He changed my understanding of what is good,” “… I coached Steph in the first few months, his shot Only half of the movement, I can hear the voice of the old coach ringing in my head, “That was a terrible opportunity. That’s a bad lens. ’

Curry had never encountered a lens he did not like.

His accuracy makes him one of the best shooters in league history, and he has accumulated some historical data in the process.

The backcourt duo Klay Thompson created the Splash Bros slogan.

Kerr mentioned that many times Curry will shoot a controversial three-pointer from 30 feet, and the coach will be frustrated.

But as time passed, the coach saw Curry’s influence on the game and the offense he created.

Curry will make a dazzling play in 2015, which completely deceived the entire Los Angeles Clippers and then shot.

This impressed his coach so much that he would never question Curry’s shooting choices.

“Well, these are actually good balls.” Because for anyone who has ever played a game, these balls are not good balls. Kerr said.

Curry and the Warriors did not participate in the NBA bubble this summer, but fans can only expect the team to prepare for the championship next season.

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This post is written by Justin Hickey


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