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Who is NBA MVP: LeBron or Giannis? Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins, Dominic Foxworth Debate

the6man Jul 21

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There are two clear favorites to win the NBA MVP Award this season: LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins and Domonique Foxworth discussed ESPN’s first take on who should win the award.

According to Smith, the fact that LeBron plays in Los Angeles should be taken into account as the city helps attract players like Anthony Davis.

“Yes, I understand that people want to play with LeBron. However, it’s not that you can compare LeBron in Cleveland and Giannis in Milwaukee. LeBron is in LA. LA? Milwaukee? Can you answer this question? I mean, just stop. LA has a lot to do with it, ”said Smith.

In the end, however, Smith went with the Lakers superstar for the MVP award. He believes LeBron is more valuable because of the way he offers and improves opportunities for his teammates. At the same time, he said The Greek Freak was phenomenal.

Foxworth agreed that LeBron is a better player. According to him, however, taking James out of the Lakers squad would not make them as bad as removing Giannis from the money. He went so far as to say that Giannis Milwaukee would be at the end of the Eastern Conference because the team is built around him.

After all, Perkins disagreed with Foxworth what it would mean for the Lakers to lose LeBron compared to the Bucks who lose Giannis. He believed that the goats without Antetokounmpo would still play in the Eastern Conference while the Lakers in the West would fight for the eighth seed.

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