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Why giving up the NBA season against racism is more harmful

the6man Jun 16

Less than two weeks ago, as NBA players struggled to cope with the tragedy of George Floyd, Kyrie Irving won a unanimous vote in support of resuming the NBA season.

Now, no longer discuss in the league and the player association whether The league will return how about it It will work, and Owen changes his mind.

He argued with Dwight Howard that NBA players should withdraw from the game for the rest of the season in order to focus on advocating racial equality.

Not only are their views inconsistent with LeBron James’s belief that players can fight for social justice when playing basketball, they are clearly misguided.

When Howard said that “there shouldn’t be basketball before we solve all the problems”, this seems obvious, and it seems to imply that racism can be eliminated in a few months.

Perhaps Owen and Howard should consider this particularly sober fact: Due to the corona virus pandemic, the NBA can now cancel the collective bargaining agreement in September, and it is generally believed that if they remain canned for the rest of the season, they will do just that .

This will result in a bitter lockout, potential losses for the entire 2020-21 season, a CBA that is unfavorable to players, and a player salary of about $500 million lost this season alone.

The consequences of losing next season are also unimaginable. This will mean that players may lose billions of dollars and pass it on to African-American communities across the country.

And, although some players may be willing to pay for a long time, what about all coaches, coaches and medical staff?

And office workers. There are also arena staff. And team members. The list is endless.

This is a question for Kyrie: How can giving up the platform help express your voice in the fight for social justice?

The moment he left the game, NBA players immediately became less prominent and influential.

Michael Wilbon and Charles Barkley also pointed out this, and Barkley used “out of sight, in mind”.

Sitting down will not only weaken the player’s ability to influence meaningful change, but there is no better platform than the NBA’s imminent Orlando.

Hundreds of millions of people are desperate because of sports and eager to get rid of the interference of this terrible epidemic, so the number of viewers in the NBA is expected to be the highest in history.

What bigger platform might come out?

The whole team knelt down during the national anthem, which will become a symbol of sports in the next few years, or in the post-match interview, Owen’s tall players looked directly at the camera and warned, what better situation? Racist behavior urges people to stand on the right side of history and advocates that they go out and vote.

Remember, due to the miracle of modern technology, players can still donate, educate and advocate from Orlando.

They will not be able to participate in the protests for several months, but this movement has become a huge force, and the masses will be responsible for local affairs.

In these times, celebrities are most valuable when they advocate change in a way they can do (such as mobilizing a large fan base).

We need to be clear that any concerns about potential virus transmission related to air bubbles or isolation from family members are understandable.

However, there is no logic at all in the argument that if players stand up, they will be more capable of driving change.

The performance must continue.

As Nelson Mandela said, “Sports has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire inspiration. It has the power to unite in other ways.

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This post is written by Nick Jungfer


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