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Why LeBron James did not participate in Friday’s NBA campaign

the6man Jun 13

Photo: ESPN/YouTube

LeBron James was absent, and more than 80 players participated in the Zoom call on Friday night to discuss concerns related to the NBA’s plan to restart the 2019/20 season in Orlando next month.

When it comes to combating racism in the United States, LeBron has always been the voice of athletes and has done a lot of work in helping vulnerable groups in communities across the country. Therefore, he did not appear in the chat hosted by former teammate Kyrie Irving, which surprised him a bit.

There were previous reports that there were several NBA players https://www.talkbasket.net/92142-a-significant-number-of-nba-players-are-disappointed-they-werent-given-chance-to-vote-on-restartBecause they did not have the opportunity to be disappointed with the restart voting, Ouba (NBPA vice president) helped form a pro-vote last week, but it seems to have turned around and Owen organized a phone call to make them feel better players Position on this issue. Only 20% of the players in the league played, which is surprising in itself.

Photo: Jamie Valdez/USA Today Sports Images

LeBron James thinks he can still make a difference in the game

According to AthleticsThe source said LeBron was absent because he believed he could play basketball, but it would still affect reform.

Sam Amick wrote:

“As the source said, James (his Lakers have the same chance of winning the championship as any of the 22 teams invited to Walt Disney World) believes that James’ game in Orlando will not prevent him from continuing to inspire change Ability. He wants to keep his mark on the court. He wants to play basketball. And as always, he clearly believes that he can do both things at the same time.”

At the same time, Irving stated unequivocally that despite the huge financial impact, he believes that cancelling this season at this time will have great value.

He said on Friday: “I am willing to give up everything (for social reform).”

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