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WNBA announces 2020 schedule; action begins on back-to-back days of national three-header TV live broadcast | Hoopfeed.com

the6man Jul 13

Published on July 13, 2020


Complete timetable || National TV timetable

The WNBA announced the schedule for the 2020 season. The broadcast starts on July 25 (Saturday), and broadcasts the national triple-title TV program on the ABC, ESPN and CBS sports networks for three consecutive days. The 24th season of the league will be held at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, which includes a schedule of 22 games for each of its 12 teams.


  • In the first half of the season, there will be 24 national live broadcasts on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2, including 12 doubles.
  • CBS Sports and the CBS Sports Network will provide 40 television broadcasts, including 11 double-headers and one triple-header. This year will be the first time CBS broadcasts matches on the CBS TV network, and the remaining matches will be broadcast on the CBS sports network.
  • Other games to be broadcast on NBA TV and games available on WNBA League Pass will be announced in a few weeks.
  • Currently, the regular season game is scheduled to end on Saturday, September 12, followed by the traditional playoffs and finals.

Seattle Storm met with the Statue of Liberty in New York at 12 pm in the first game of the season. ET on ESPN. After the game, the Los Angeles Sparks will face the Phoenix Mercury (3 pm EST, ABC). On the first day of the game (5 pm Eastern Time, Indiana, CBS Sports Network), a game was played against Indiana fanatics against defending champion Washington Mystics.

From the alliance:

Highlights of ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 TV broadcast schedule

  • The ESPN network will broadcast 24 regular TV shows in the first half of the season, including three games on ABC, six games on ESPN and 15 games on ESPN2, and as many as 19 playoff games. ESPN’s game report for the second half of the season will be released later.
  • During the regular season and the playoffs, all ESPN broadcasts will be broadcast live through the ESPN app.
  • In addition to opening two games on the weekend, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) will also play Seattle’s game against Phoenix on Saturday, August 8 (3 pm EST).
  • Los Angeles’s Simon Augustus (Seimone Augustus) won four WNBA championships with Minnesota. She will meet her former team for the first time on Sunday, August 9 (7pm EST, ESPN2).
  • ESPN will face her former team Dallas for the first time on Monday, August 10 (7 pm EST), when she will be selected to the All-Star Skylar Diggins-Smith four times and her new Phoenix teammate.

Highlights of the CBS sports TV broadcast schedule

  • CBS Sports will broadcast 40 seasons of regular TV programs, including one on the CBS TV network and 39 on the CBS Sports network.
  • CBS Sports’ coverage will include 11 games featuring Ionescu’s Liberty squad and 7 games in the final week of the season.
  • Dallas will appear 10 times on the CBS Sports Network; Los Angeles and Seattle will appear seven times each.
  • On Saturday, August 29 (4pm EST, CBS TV Network), Ionescu and Liberty will succeed Las Vegas Ace and two league scoring champions Angel McCoughtry.
  • On Wednesday, August 26 (10 p.m. ET, CBS Sports Network), DeWanna Bonner, now the Connecticut Sun, will present her former team Phoenix Mercury for the first time after winning two championships in 10 seasons with Phoenix tilt.

2020 WNBA National TV Program Schedule

July 25th (Saturday) at 12 p.m. ET – Seattle@New York (ESPN)
July 25th (Sat), Eastern Time 3pm – Los Angeles @ Phoenix (ABC)
July 25th (Saturday) 5:00 PM EST – Indiana@Washington (CBSSN)
July 26 (Sunday) Eastern Time, 12 PM – Connecticut @Minnesota (ESPN)
July 26th (Sunday) Eastern Time at 3pm – Chicago @ Las Vegas (ABC)
5pm EST, July 26 (Sunday) – Dallas@Atlanta (CBSSN)
July 28th (Tuesday), Eastern Time, 10pm – Minnesota@Seattle (CBSSN)
July 29th (Wednesday) Eastern Time at 8pm – New York @达拉斯 (CBSSN)
July 29th (Wednesday) Eastern Time at 10pm – Atlanta @ Las Vegas (CBSSN)
July 30th (Thursday) Eastern Time 6pm – Seattle@Washington (ESPN)
July 30th (Thursday) Eastern Time 10pm – Connecticut@Los Angeles (ESPN)
Friday, July 31st, Eastern Time, 8 PM – Dallas, Indiana (CBSSN)
10pm EST, July 31 (Friday)-Las Vegas @凤凰城 (CBSSN)

Monday, August 1st, Eastern Time, 8pm – Los Angeles @ Seattle (CBSSN)
1:00 pm, August 2 (Sunday) Eastern Time – Phoenix @New York (ESPN)
6 p.m. ET, August 2 (Sunday) Eastern Time – Dallas @ Las Vegas (ESPN2)
August 4th (Tuesday) Eastern Time 7pm – Phoenix, Atlanta (ESPN2)
August 4th (Tuesday) 9:00 PM ET – Connecticut@Seattle (ESPN2)
7 August EST (Wednesday) Eastern Time-New York, Minnesota (CBSSN)
6 August ET (Thursday) Eastern Time – Seattle @亚特兰大 (ESPN2)
August 6th (Thursday) Eastern Time 10pm – Chicago @ Phoenix (ESPN2)
August 7th (Friday) Eastern Time, 7pm – New York@Washington (ESPN2)
August 7th (Friday) 9 PM Eastern Time – Los Angeles @ Las Vegas (ESPN2)
12 a.m. ET, August 8th (Saturday) – Atlanta @达拉斯 (ESPN2)
August 8th (Sat), Eastern Time, 3pm – Phoenix @Seattle (ABC)
August 9th (Sunday), Eastern Time, 3pm – Las Vegas @New York (ESPN)
7 August EST (Sunday) Eastern Time – Minnesota @ Los Angeles (ESPN2)
7pm EST, August 10th (Monday) – Phoenix @ Dallas (ESPN2)
9 August EST (Monday) Eastern Time – Chicago @Seattle (ESPN2)
August 11th (Tuesday) Eastern Time 7pm – Las Vegas @Indiana (ESPN2)
9PM ET, August 11 (Tuesday)-New York @ Los Angeles (ESPN2)
7pm EST, August 12 (Wednesday) – Dallas@Connecticut (CBSSN)
August 13th (Thursday) Eastern Time 7pm – Los Angeles @Washington (ESPN2)
9 August ET (Thursday) 9:00 PM-Las Vegas, Minnesota (ESPN2)
August 15th (Saturday) at 6pm EST-New York, Minnesota (CBSSN)
August 18th (Tuesday) Eastern Time 7pm – Indiana, Connecticut (CBSSN)
7 PM ET, August 19 (Wednesday) – Atlanta@Washington (CBSSN)
August 20th (Thursday) Eastern Time 7pm – Chicago@New York (CBSSN)
August 20th (Thursday) Eastern Time 10pm – Connecticut@Las Vegas (CBSSN)
August 21st (Friday) 10:00 PM ET – Minnesota @ Phoenix (CBSSN)
August 22 (Saturday) 2:00 PM EST – Indiana@Chicago (CBSSN)
August 22 (Saturday) Eastern Time 4pm-New York, Connecticut (CBSSN)
6 a.m. ET, August 22 (Saturday) Eastern Time – Seattle @ Las Vegas (CBSSN)
7pm EST, August 25 (Tuesday) – New York @ Chicago (CBSSN)
9 PM ET, August 25 (Tuesday) – Las Vegas @ Dallas (CBSSN)
8 a.m. ET, August 26 (Wednesday) – Los Angeles @明尼苏达州 (CBSSN)
10 a.m. ET, August 26 (Wednesday)-Connecticut @Phoenix (CBSSN)
August 27th (Thursday) Eastern Time 8pm – Dallas@New York (CBSSN)
August 27th (Thursday) Eastern Time 10pm – Las Vegas @Seattle (CBSSN)
8 p.m. Friday, August 28th, Eastern Time-Los Angeles, Connecticut (CBSSN)
August 28th (Friday) at 10pm EST – Washington @ Phoenix (CBSSN)
12 a.m. ET, August 29 (Saturday) Eastern Time – Dallas@Indiana (CBSSN)
August 29th (Sat), Eastern Time 4pm – New York @ Las Vegas (CBS)

7pm EST, September 1 (Tuesday) – Connecticut @New York (CBSSN)
September 2 (Wednesday) Eastern Time 8pm – Los Angeles @达拉斯 (CBSSN)
September 2 (Wednesday) Eastern Time 10pm – Washington @ Seattle (CBSSN)
September 6th (Sunday) Eastern Time, 8pm – Chicago@Los Angeles (CBSSN)
7pm EST, September 8 (Tuesday) – Los Angeles @ New York (CBSSN)
September 9th (Wednesday) Eastern Time at 8pm – Atlanta@Chicago (CBSSN)
September 9th (Wednesday) Eastern Time 10pm – Dallas @ Seattle (CBSSN)
September 10th (Thursday) Eastern Time 7pm – New York @Indiana (CBSSN)
September 10th (Thursday) Eastern Time 10pm – Washington @ Los Angeles (CBSSN)
September 11th (Friday) Eastern Time, 8pm – Chicago @达拉斯 (CBSSN)
10pm, September 11th (Friday) Eastern Time – Seattle @ Phoenix (CBSSN)

*Note: The schedule may be changed

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