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WNBA announces plans to extend the 2020 season

the6man Jun 16


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new York, June 15, 2020After important discussions with major league stakeholders, including the National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA), the WNBA today announced plans to return to the court to begin the WNBA 2020 season. The league is finalizing a partnership that will make the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., the official home of the 2020 WNBA season. Its outstanding performance is the competitive schedule of 22 regular season games and the traditional playoff format. .

Starting in July, the IMG Academy will become the home of each of the 12 teams in the league and serve as a single venue for training camps, games, and housing. The health and safety of players and employees remains a top priority, and the league is working with medical experts, public health experts, and government officials to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure that appropriate medical procedures and protective measures are in place. Due to the instability caused by the pandemic, the league and players will continue to review appropriate health and safety procedures and make necessary changes to the plan before arriving at the site to prepare for training camp and throughout the season.

WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert said: “We are planning to start this offseason with a view to building on the tremendous momentum generated in the offseason league and have guided the health and safety of players and key personnel. Principles establish necessary and broad agreements.” “As we continue to implement the plan, we will continue to consult with medical experts and public health officials as well as athletes, team owners and other stakeholders. And, despite the global pandemic We have caused damage in the 2020 season, but the WNBA and its council firmly believe in supporting and evaluating elite female athletes participating in the WNBA, so during the WNBA, athletes will receive full salary and benefits. 2020 season.”

Tim Pernetti, Executive Vice President of IMG Events and Media, said: “As the home of the world’s top athletes, coaches and performance experts, IMG Academy is pleased to establish partnerships with the world’s top basketball players and the entire WNBA family.” “We are looking forward to becoming 2020 The official seat of the WNBA season and working closely with the league to provide a first-class training and game environment.”

In this unique season format, all players will appear in the same place at the same time. This is the first game in the history of the league. The WNBA will continue to be committed to social justice and support players to build a bold social justice platform as Call for action to bring about meaningful, measurable and meaningful change. The WNBA 2020 season will include a dedicated platform led by players, designed to support and strengthen the influence of the league and the team and its impact on social justice affairs. As recently announced, this began with a donation from the WNBA from selling the “Big Than Ball” women’s empowerment product to the Equal Justice Initiative. “The WNBA opposes all forms of racism. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are the latest names of countless others who have been systematically oppressed by the American “black residence” Being brutally treated by the police is our collective responsibility to use our platform to achieve change.” Engelbert said.

“In discussions with the league, we emphasized and agreed that the firm commitment to the 2020 season will give the WNBA an opportunity to show the world that it is taking the steps necessary to ensure our livelihood and well-being, while also providing WNBPA Chairman Nneka Ogwumike. “With the strong support of #BlackLivesMatter, #SayHerName, LGBTQ+ community, gun control, voting rights, #MeToo, mental health, etc., we have been at the forefront of various initiatives. This is not only necessary from a humanitarian perspective, but may also be one of the greatest opportunities this alliance has and will always have. ”

WNBPA executive director Terri Jackson said: “In the recent CBA negotiations, the WNBPA executive committee has worked tirelessly to represent the interests of all players who plan to start the 2020 season on behalf of the league.” “Our society has absorbed an important Lessons, or it reminds people of an important lesson: Women are essential to the economic stability of families and communities. The commitment of the league and the team makes a statement.”

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