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WNBA commissioners and players responded to the Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler’s opposition to the league’s social justice efforts. Hoopfeed.com

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Published on July 7, 2020


WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert issued the following statement today in response to the opposition of Kelly Loeffler, the co-owner of the Atlanta Dream League and player social justice efforts.

Engelbert: “The purpose of the WNBA is to treat everyone equally and fairly. We, our team and players will continue to use our platform to vigorously promote social justice. Since October 2019, Senator Kelly Lovell (Kelly Loeffler) no longer serves as the governor of the Atlanta Dream and no longer participates in the daily business of the team.”

Loeffler is a US Senator (R-GA) who was appointed to fill vacant seats in December last year. She will hold elections in November. Earlier in the day, she wrote a letter criticizing the players’ support for the “Black Lives Matter” sport: “Subscribing to a specific political agenda will weaken the sport’s potential and send out messages of exclusion.” Atlanta Constitution Magazine was the first to report Lovell’s response, Print her letter online.

Since being appointed to the Senate in December 2019, Lovell has been a voice supporter of politicians and groups that have advocated racism, homophobia, homophobia and anti-abortion agendas. Until today, the league has refused to comment on her activities. Engelbert said in mid-April: “We will not comment on the side of her world (ie the political side of her world). Therefore, I have no comment on Senator Lovell.”

This year’s Atlanta Dream has a similar position: “Atlanta Dream is not a political entity, we are engaged in sports and entertainment business. We are committed to building a successful team on the court and creating a top fan experience.”

Yesterday, the league announced a series of social justice projects that will be carried out this season. Players will wear a warm-up shirt and display the slogan “Black Lives Matter” on the front and “Say Her Name” on the back. “Black Lives Matter” will also be prominently displayed on the court during the game. In addition, players plan to participate in podcasts and virtual round tables.

Last month, players started talking about Loeffler’s views, and finally set off today a social media post condemning her views. At present, due to the corona virus pandemic, most teams are in an isolated environment, in the league’s temporary summer resort in Florida. They will participate in a t22 game season, the game will start in late July, the specific date has not yet been announced.

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