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WNBA coronavirus, travel and social justice news dominate

the6man Jul 07

There are a lot of major news in the WNBA today…..

Coronavirus News 2019:

7 out of 137 players have a positive COVID-19 test.

In addition to Indiana fever, other teams went to Florida today. They will be delayed for a few days because the test results of the two players are satisfactory.

Photos and videos on the social media accounts of players and teams popped up this afternoon and evening, indicating that personnel had reached the “bubble” in Florida. They have been tested for viruses and will be quarantined for a few days and then tested again.

Social Justice News:

WNBA and WNBPA have agreed to use the names of women killed by police or racial violence in the preliminaries and in court.

The league will dedicate this season to social justice.

Players will form a social justice council.

Commissioner Cathy Engelbert is proud of the players.

WNBA team news:

Not sure what is waiting for them, the storm will travel to Florida.

When the cat was camped that day, the bubble preparation factor was a mystery.

Indiana fever preview.

Phoenix Mercury Preview.

WNBA CBA salary cap description.

WNBA Coach News:

Penny Taylor resigned as Mercury’s assistant coach, and Chasity Melvin will succeed her.

Most old coaches in the WNBA accept the risk of coronavirus.

College team news:

The Patriot League has set up an anti-racism committee.

UConn players will return to campus in late July, but international players face travel restrictions.

University Coach News:

Kevin Templeton is the new assistant coach in eastern Illinois.

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