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WNBA dedicated the season to Breonna Taylor

the6man Jul 26

The WNBA ended the 2020 season by announcing that the league will be dedicated to Brena Taylor this year.

In support of the call for the use of the league platform to promote social justice, “New York Freeman” and “Seattle Storm” set the tone for the opening day of leaving the stadium during the national anthem, and then returned to China to maintain 26 seconds of silence for Taylor.

Taylor was shot dead at her home in Louisville, Kentucky, when the police raided her house in search of drugs with no order.

No drugs were found in the home, and no one was charged with a crime.

After the quarrel, NBA players proposed Taylor’s name at a media conference because both leagues seemed committed to paying attention to the killed EMT and keeping her name in the news.

The NBA allows players to leave messages on their jerseys, and both leagues have added “Black Lives Matter” on the sidelines.

Many people believe that it is difficult to keep fighting in isolation from the outside world.

But with the platform of these athletes, they will continue to bring positive changes through competitions and social media.

Before the team started the game, Layshia Clarendon had the following news:

“We dedicate this season to the outstanding EMT Breonna Taylor, who was murdered at home more than 130 days ago. Breonna Taylor is committed and dedicated to improving everyone around him. We also dedicate this season to the “Say Her Name” movement, which is dedicated to naming black women and fighting for justice. Black women are often forgotten in this struggle for justice, and no one is here. Parade on the street. They. We will say her name.”

In this unprecedented pandemic and protest period, many uncertain factors have been caused, but the athletes are leading the change under the torch.

This is a classic move of the WNBA.

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This post is written by Justin Hickey


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