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Women’s basketball community members “run” to support Ahmaud Arbery’s judicial work | Hoopfeed.com

the6man May 16

Published on May 9, 2020


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Women ’s basketball coaches and athletes joined the call to Ahmed Abery (Ahmaud Arbery), a young black man in Green, Georgia, via social media Lin County was murdered while armed while jogging. Many people expressed grief, Including the old dominion coach DeLisha Milton-Jones, He grew up in that part of Georgia.


Two white men, Greg McMichael and son Travis, shot at Arbery in late February, but until recently a mobile phone video about the murder was exposed and due to a lack of investigation or arrest Only after he caused a commotion across the country did he face any charges.

The older McMichael is a former police detective in Brunswick County and works under the leadership of the county ’s current district attorney, and the lawyer has prosecuted the case. The prosecutor assigned to the case said in April that he had no reason to arrest any McMichael family. Although the video showed that they were chasing Arbery, they were only monitoring their business. Their violent reaction stems from their unfounded suspicion that Arbery, who is not strange in the vicinity, is a thief and has provoked a murder.

Prosecutor Tom Durden of the Atlantic Judicial Circuit District in nearby Free County asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate the murder of Arbery.

“Run for Maude”

Albery’s birthday is Friday, May 8, when he was 26 years old. Earlier this week, Brunswick residents, including members and leaders of the town ’s black community, organized a run and protest nearby on Tuesday. Runners from all over the country participated in the “race” competition, they ran 2.23 miles to commemorate the day of Arbery’s last jog on February 23.

Strong protest on social media

Many people in the women ’s basketball community participated in social media to show that they participated in the “Run for Maude” event. In addition, the League of Male Athletes led by Anquan Boldin, the co-founder of the League of Athletes, Sign a letter asking the FBI and the US Department of Justice to investigate the murder.

As of Friday, the Georgia State Bureau of Investigation arrested McMichaels and According to NPR, other arrests may be coming.

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My heart is heavy. This is not a new feeling, but a burden of my life. Sometimes I can’t recognize my weight, sometimes I can’t bear it. As a mixed-race woman, I struggled with my belonging and struggled to understand why it was not accepted. “Don’t say your black … Don’t say your white.” It’s very confusing to understand why I was said to me as I grew up, but it can never be done. In the end, I chose the right thing! No matter how hard the experience is (kneeling in the WNBA in 2015 … when black life becomes important, blue life becomes crucial, and all life becomes crucial until our voice is like our black life It ’s been severely condemned.) As a strong black wife, my heart cried for the pain I knew. His worries about his family and his two black sons forced him to teach life in this world. What is it like? We will have to teach him “how to do things”, and hope this is enough (because we all know that is not!) In the past five years, I have learned more about the true meaning of “not stopping praying”. I will never be embarrassed by kneeling down, standing up for justice and becoming an equal voice, showing my son what a powerful black family looks and means in this society. I pray that someone will read this book that is not considered black, and can also make a private version for you. It’s no longer feasible to stand on the side of the road and look at someone’s skin color and be murdered! There is no excuse as they should do … or let us wait and see, I have nothing to do with your experience, what about black and black crime, and finally I have black friends, or I am not a black racist. Keep doing the right thing, even if it doesn’t hurt you directly! For all my beautiful black and brown brothers, they were slaughtered mercilessly by our law enforcement agencies … sorry! Sorry, we cannot save you or prevent you from happening afterwards. Sorry, our society disappoints you. #irunwithmaud #blacklivesmatter #justiceforahmaudaubrey

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